When your American Dream Broker calls ahead to let you know when they wish to bring a potential buyer to examine your house, here are a few helpful hints.
1. The family dog won’t help the cause. It would be wise to keep him out of sight.
2. Remind the children to stay in the background and out of the way.
3. The quieter, the better it makes for a more business-like inspection, have the TV off and the radio tuned into soft music.
4. You’re not expected to make conversation or accompany the broker. Tell them to direct any questions to your listing broker.
5. Be sure your kitchen is CLEAN and your sink isn’t holding an accumulation of dishes. However, don’t apologize if you’ve just finished and the dishes are still on the table.
6. If it’s daytime, have the drapes drawn apart and the blinds open or the shades up. If it’s evening make sure to have all the lights on. Light makes a house seem more cheerful, even during the day.
7. It helps if the extra chair or odd piece of furniture is taken down to the basement and put away for the present. Uncluttered rooms look larger and are more attractive.
8. There’s nothing quite like fresh cut flowers to perk up a house! A small thing perhaps, but it goes a long way toward making everything look fresh and clean.