Tips for a Successful Sale

Your Home’s Exterior

You want to keep the “curb appeal” of your home as stunning as possible. Here are a few hints that can help that happen:

    • Keep all your greenery (including grass and shrubs) as lush and healthy as possible. Try using a quick greening fertilizer to get things up to par fast. Consider planting some colorful blooms by your home’s entrance or porch.
    • Make sure any fences or boundaries on your property are in good condition and make any required repair.

    • Throw in some ambiance! Items such as bird feeders and/or water features can create a welcoming feel to the exterior of your home. Include lawn furniture for a relaxing arrangement, as well as outdoor games, such as croquet.
    • Paint on the exterior, and door of your home, should look new and finished. You do not necessarily have to repaint the entire exterior. Just refresh the area(s) most exposed to the sun.

    • Your roof also needs to be in tip-top shape. While the costs of repair might seem intimidating, keep in mind, a roof in disrepair can take a sizeable chunk out of your final sale price.

Your Home’s Interior

As your potential buyers walk through your property, you want them to feel at home. However, you also want them to feel as if your property is a step up from what they already have. Striking a balance between “homey” and the “fresh and clean” feel of a fine hotel is essential.

    • From fixtures to crown molding, scrub everything in your home.
    • Make the beds, clear out the clutter, and straighten any bookshelves.
    • Keep your home smelling as fresh as possible. If possible, air out your home in the hours before each showing. If you use an air freshener, make sure it is not one that is too overwhelming.
    • Do not let anyone smoke in your home— stale smoke is a real turn-off for buyers.
    • If possible, touch up the paint job around your home’s interior. If you have walls with a very dark color on them, consider repainting them in a lighter shade.
    • Make sure your plumbing is as functional as possible. You do not want any leaks, drips, or clanging pipes disturbing the serenity of your home.
    • Window treatments need to be clean and in good working order. Older blinds can be especially difficult to clean. If possible, consider replacing anything not up to par.

    • Steam clean your carpets! You do not want any stains distracting your potential buyers.
    • Make sure each room is well-lit. Turn on the lights even during the day, and open all curtains and blinds.
    • Make sure your closets are organized. You want your visitors to feel as if they have plenty of room to store their belongings when they move in.
    • Avoid any clutter in rooms. Remove any excess furniture to avoid a claustrophobic feel in any room.
    • Clean out and organize the garage, any work sheds, or storage sheds you have. You may also want to steam clean the concrete floor to lessen any staining.
    • Keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If it’s a nice day outside, consider opening a window to let a fresh breeze pass through. If you have a working fireplace, consider lighting a fire.

What You Should Do During a Showing

Typically, it’s best if you are not around your home during a showing. You want your potential buyers to feel as if it’s their future home, not your old one! If you need to stay home, just stay in one section of the house… and DO NOT follow the tour around!