Why You Need a Realtor

Did you know a ‘realtor’ is actually a trademarked term that can only be used to describe real estate licensees who are members of the National Association of Realtors? Not all ‘realtors’ are alike. A genuine realtor, like the ones at American Dream Realty, adheres to a code of ethics defined by the Association, and they are significantly more informed about the buying and selling process.

Your home sale, or purchase, is one of the most significant financial moments in your life. When you are talking about a transaction that can easily exceed $100,000, wouldn’t you want the most highly trained professional by your side guiding the way?

That’s just the beginning. However, here are more reasons why working with a realtor is important for you:

  1. Assessing your buying power – A Realtor can give you the best idea of how much you can really afford.
  2. Resources – Your Realtor will be able to access listings you do not have access to on your own, opening you up to a world of options.
  3. Detailed Property Information – Once you find an appealing listing, your Realtor can really break down the important details on a home. How are the schools nearby? Is this a good investment property? What will the resale value be?
  4. Negotiations – Real estate negotiations are complex and the stakes can be high. A Realtor knows what to do, and can make sure your interests are protected during this critical process.
  5. Financing – Obtaining the right financing is not always easy. A real estate pro can help you identify the right financing for your specific needs.
  6. Closing – At times, closing on a home is as intense as the negotiations. You want a professional by your side who can guide you through the process from start to finish.
  7. Home Sales – If you want to sell a home, your Realtor can give you the most thorough understanding of the marketplace. This includes competing prices on comps. Your Realtor can: market your home more effectively to other professionals and the public; help you carefully evaluate any offers; and guide you all the way through to closing.

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  1. You stated that a genuine realtor adheres to a code of ethics defined by the association, and they are significantly more informed about the buying and selling process. Do most realtors or real estate agents have a system that allows them to network and find properties to buy and sell? My cousin has been looking to buy his first house and hasn’t had very good luck so far. Hiring a realtor or real estate agent might be his best option.

    • Ann Taddeo

      on   said 

      Hello Derek – I am sorry for the delayed response. I have been having issues with my website. I do not know of anything except good old word of mouth. I do network with a group of other Realtors. We quite frequently let each other know if/when we have something coming on the market. In fact, I spoke to one I know last night. He actually owns his upcoming listing and is going to let me and my clients in before it goes on the market. It is very difficult in this market. Our best hope is to go to the MLS where most agents post their listings. Please feel free to call me if your cousin still needs help. 303-718-7403.


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